Inez & Yusuke





“我知道远赴东京两回将是一个很麻烦的事,但为了一生一次的婚礼, 我最终还是去了。”Yusuke微笑着说。




Inez found Tirtha on the internet and instantly fell in love with it. She then had help from her parents to make the deal during a wedding exhibitions in Jakarta. And although there was never really a specific wedding theme, both Yusuke and Inez knew clearly that it has to be about an intimate wedding day with their closest family and friends. A fun and cozy wedding that is memorable to the couple and all their guests.

As a fashion designer, Inez made her own dream-wedding gown and designed it to match Tirtha Uluwatu chapel ceiling decoration with accent of butterfly laces on her stunning gown. Meanwhile, after searching in Indonesia and Singapore, Yusuke found the One but at a tailor in Tokyo, so he decided to go all the way just to get the tux and come straight back.
“I knew it would be a lot of hassle to go to Tokyo two times for that but I decided to do it anyway… for once in a lifetime event.” Said Yusuke smiling.

“Although everything feels like the best moment for us, but our favorite moment was actually when the party was over. Not just because we were released from all the stress, we just fell some kind of big achievement with our guest’s happiness.” Said Yusuke again.

The happy couple opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the successful wedding and talked about how amazing their wedding was. “We talked about the venue, service, food, atmosphere, weather…
Everything was just beyond perfect. We think that that’s our BEST moment.”.